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Summer weather in Europe can be glorious – sunny, warm, and perfect for cycling. The Dolomites are no exception. Temperatures in July are usually in the mid 60°s F (18° C). Highs in July can be 77° F (25° C) and lows around 50° F (10° C). These temperate conditions, along with great mountain passes, are ideal for some epic riding. This is why we choose July as the month for our Dolomites tour. But one thing is near certain: the peaks are colder than the valleys. Get ready to lose 1.8° F (1° C) for every 328 feet (100 meters) we climb.

For our July 2018 tour (and yes, it is highly recommended!), we will stay in the four-star hotel My Kosher Hotel in Canazei. Canazei is in a valley and is at 4,757 feet (1,450 meters) elevation. So if the temperature is in the mid-60°s F (18° C) in Canazei, it could be 46° F (8° C) at the highest passes we’ll be climbing. When descending from the peaks at speed, it can get pretty chilly, especially if you’re in gear that is wet with sweat.

So here are my suggestions:

  • When packing for your trip to the Dolomites, bring a variety of warm and cool weather cycling gear: Short sleeve jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, arm warmers, shorts or bibs, leg warmers, sleeveless base layers and long sleeved base layers, and definitely a windbreaker for the descents.
  • I highly recommend a glove layering system. Assos makes some great gloves. I wear the Assos Tiburu gloves in 50° F – 59° F (10° C – 15° C) weather. Then, when the weather warrants it, I put the Assos Early Winter S7 gloves on top of the Assos Tiburu base layer.
  • Make sure to store some warmer kit in the SAG vehicle before we start heading for the higher altitudes. Whenever possible, bring 2 of something you think might get sweat-soaked, such as base layers, so that you don’t get too cold on the descents.

As a reminder: We’ll have a supply of spare inner tubes and nutrition In the SAG vehicle.

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